Nashville based producer/mixer/recording engineer Joe Carrell has accomplished a lot in his 20+ year career.  11 Grammy nominated albums mixed and/or recorded, Dove award winning songs and albums, 33 charting number ones mixed and many others recorded, Billboard top tens in multiple categories, and more. “I’m proud of those things, but that’s not what motivates me at all.  What keeps me hungry is that feeling you get sitting in the chair at the end of mix and being moved...feeling like you made it everything it could be”. 

Joe got his break into the professional world as an assistant recording engineer to a member of Nashville's famed Bradley family.  While having been a working musician much of his adult life, he quickly developed a great passion for the art of music recording, mixing, and production. That enthusiasm, combined with an uncommon work ethic, soon led to him becoming a very in demand professional. 

Being a great fan of many musical genres, he considers himself very fortunate to be hired consistently across a wide range of music. “My  monthly schedules are so crazy diverse that I often find myself producing a pop artist while mixing everything from rock, country, jazz, gospel, bluegrass, etc. Then I’ll top of the month with several days of recording Nashville’s studio aces on rhythm dates with an orchestral recording day or two thrown in.  It’s pretty crazy but I love it that way!” 

Despite the past accomplishments, he remains as excited now to enter the studio every morning as he did 20 years ago.  "The first time I walked into a recording studio, I knew it's where I wanted to spend my life".  And after speaking with him about the productions and collaborations he has on the horizon, it's easy to believe the best years are yet to come.