Want us to mix your next single or album!? 

The following 5 tips will help make certain that your mix session starts on time, runs smoothly, and is right the first time. 

1.  I mix exclusively using Pro Tools software.  If your sessions are in any other DAW, you will need to export and, if necessary, consolidate each file making certain they all have the same starting point.  Please check all edits and cross fades before bouncing/consolidating files.  Also, make certain to by-pass any processing (eq, reverb, etc.) prior to bouncing.  I need the "raw" audio files (see No. 3 for important exceptions). 

2.  Before sending Pro Tools sessions, please confirm that all audio files are actually inside the "Audio Files" folder for that session. It's not uncommon to get sessions where some of the files were being written to or accessed from a different hard drive (usually the DAW's system drive) and are now missing.  A quick easy way to check is by opening the drop down menu inside the regions bin and selecting "show full path".  All files paths/names should begin with the name of the same hard drive you are working from. 

3.  While I have a huge selection of plug-ins available, it's impossible to get them all.  If you are using a particular plug-in for a vital sound or special effect, print it and give me both the original and "affected" versions and label them accordingly (example: Keys FX and Keys No FX). 

4.  If there has been any sub-mixing of instrument groups to lower track counts, please make certain that all the pre-mixed individual tracks are included as well. 

5.  Please include a copy of any working or rough mix that exists.